Conditions of Competition
The Competition is Open to all disabled golfers who meet the entry criteria.

The tournament shall be played to the Rules of Golf and Modifications for Disabled golfers and local rules of Stratford Park.

1. The Tournament

a)  The Tournament shall be open to amateur golfers with a recognised disability as specified in 3. below and

b)  for golfers with a CONGU Competition, ('c' status), handicap up to 36 or CONGU Club handicap up to 40;

alternatively for disabled golfers with an EGA or other slope-based handicap - a Home club competition handicap up to 40 will be eligible to apply.(A maximum handicap of 36 will apply)

c) Proof of recent handicap must be provided.

d)  The winners shall be those competitors with the leading nett and gross scores under the Stableford system. Ties shall be decided by applying General Conditions of Competition 11b.

e)  The Tournament shall be played as a combined competition. 


f)   All players will play from the tees specified on the day, except female players who will play from the red tees. In the event of a tie in any category count back will be used to decide standings.

g)  Buggies: only those eligible for buggies as a result of their disability will be allowed to use one during the competition.

2. Entries:

  a)  There will be a maximum of 50 entries. Competitors taken on a first come first served basis.

  b)  Entry deadline is July 6th 2020.

  c)  If entries exceed 50, further entries shall be placed on a reserve list. If reserve list players are not subsequently offered a place or are unable to accept such an offer, entry fees will be refunded.


3. Entry Qualification:

a)  Golfers for this event must also qualify by having a recognised disability or impairment. This may include as examples the following:

•  Amputees / One Armed Golfers / Wheelchair Golfers or other Physical impairment. This may be defined by holding a European Disabled Golf Association Medical Pass or meet the definitions of impairment as defined by European Disabled Golf Association.

•  Learning Disability – which may be registered with a Special Olympics GB club / Mencap Gateway club.

•  Deaf or hearing impaired players – who may be members of England Deaf Golf or regional deaf golf association.

•  Blind or visually impaired players – who may be members of their Blind Golf association.

4. Winners and Prizes


Trophies will be awarded to: The best nett and gross Stableford scores over the two days - no one may win more than one trophy, but...

Other prizes may be awarded depending on the disability groups and handicap range.